Webinar - CRM Best Practices and Compliance Procedures - Pt. 2

October 26, 2022.  Recording CRM Best Practices and Compliance Procedures


FIN Compliance is a consortium of compliance consulting and continuity management solutions designed to help boutique investment advisors to structure, maintain, and develop their internal regulatory review, disclosure, and training programs.   

Our Service/Specialties:

  • Compliance Consulting/Technology         
  • Marketing/Tech support.
  • Calendar/Zapier Integrations

Third Party/Partner Offers:

  • Cybersecurity/Due Diligence software
  • Continuing Education (NASAA, Fiduciary, Insurance, Designations)
  • Compliance Controls (Archiving, DOL Software, Trade Monitoring)

Contact us for more informationhttps://FINCompliance.io  

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